Shipping FAQ
How much is the shipping cost?
Why is the turnaround time for standard orders 10-12 days?
How can I receive my order faster?
Return and Exchange FAQ
Does YNeon have a return policy?
What do I have to do to return the product?
Is there a warranty on my new neon signs?
What is your warranty coverage?
Common problems when designing neon lights
What colors can I choose?
What fonts can I choose?
Do you offer a free design service?
Is it possible for you to construct a sign that I cannot create using your custom tool?
Do I need a remote & dimmer?
Can I use my neon sign outdoors?
About LED Neon Signs
How to install my neon signs?
What are the neon signs made of?
What base plates are available?
Is your LED light plug-in or battery-powered?
How big can my YNeon sign be?
Why do I see small marks on the sign?
Payment FAQ
How do I pay for my order at YNeon?
What payment methods do you accept?
What is klarna?

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